EN:administrator rights

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Users with administrator rights or "admin users" have a special position in the Network.
Admin users have access to the entire Administration in the network.

In addition, admin users generally have more permissions than "normal" users.
Without having to set these permissions beforehand.
These permissions cannot be taken away from the admin user either.

The following permissions are affected:

  • Admin users always have full rights to the complete network folder structure
  • Admin users can delete their own evaluations and evaluations from other users
  • Group comments and additional fields
    • Admin users have full permissions on all group comments and all additional fields when accessing from a project.
    • If access is via a monitoring task, the permissions of the monitoring task group count.
      The special feature here is:
      If read permissions are set for the group of the monitoring task, the admin user automatically has write permissions.
      However, this does not affect the evaluations, only the group comments and additional fields.