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In order to provide the best possible workflow for the daily patent work, the user has the option to adjust the settings of the programme.
Each user is able to adjust their own individual settings.
In the menu item „Administration“ the „Settings“ can be adjusted.


Some of the changes in the settings require restarting the program.


In the first tab, general settings can be carried out.


Application language

In this field the language of the application can be selected.

Close inactive tabs without question

When a currently inactive tab is closed, it will close without a confirmation prompt.

Show owner instead of applicant

Instead of showing the applicant, the patent owner is displayed.

Enable Logging

In case of special problems, logging can be activated for further analysis after consultation with IP7.

PDF download directory

Directory for the PDF Download


Display as table

The result list can also be displayed in a tabular view.

This view is "read only", so no evaluations, comments, etc. can be assigned in this view. (In order to do this, detail view must be opened)
The only exception is the patent status (completed, not relevant), which can be set in the tabular view.


With a right click on a column header, columns can be shown or hidden.


Use middle mouse button to select next page

The middle mouse button can be used to switch to the next page in the result list.

Load representative image with result

If you experience problems with the loading of images, select this option.

Switch tabs for all patents in resultlist

In the result list, the tabs of all patents are changed.

Expand multiple evaluation schemes automatically

When this option is selected, tasks with multiple evaluation schemes will automatically expand them.

Patent view

It is possible to change the view of the result list.


The default setting, large display of patents with lots of information.

Without Image

The default setting without images.

Compact (with image)

A compact presentation of the result list with less information.
Patents can be expanded (plus button) and thus further information is displayed.


Compact (without image)

The compact display as described above with the difference that no images are displayed when you expand the window.

Detail view

Expand families

In detail view the patent family is automatically displayed.

Keep zoom factor

The program remembers the zoom factor in detail view.

Preferred Applicant Type

The selected applicant type is displayed in the detail view by default.

  • Applicant Org
  • Applicant Epo
  • Applicant N-L (Non Latin)



Add search phrases to highlighting

This option is explained here.

Show occurrences above text

The number of terms which are contained in highlighting groups is displayed above the texts.

Occurrences sort order

Here, you can select, in which manner the highlighting groups are sorted.
Sorted alphabetically:
Sorted by count:


Default Search Tabs

If the search is opened directly from the dashboard or by clicking on the magnifying glass, then the type of search selected here will be opened by default:

  • Simplified
  • Normal
  • CLI (if enabled)


By clicking on the area marked in green, the type of search can be selected independently of the setting.

Display settings

Here, you can select the display settings for the result list.
The height of a list icon as well as the text size can be set.

Preferred languages

Patents often contain multiple texts in different languages.
Here, you can select which languages should be preferred when displaying the patent.
Entries can be moved up or down in order to set a priority.
Only the selected entries are considered.

If there are no texts in the selected languages for a document, a corresponding text is searched for.
In doing so, a text that is as "close" as possible is preferably selected.
The following order is taken into account:

  • application
  • strict family
  • extended family

If there is no text in the selected languages, in the documents of the application, the texts of the strict family are searched and then those of the extended family.

Preferred countries

A result list can be grouped in different units.
For example, it is possible to show one patent per patent family.
Which family representative is displayed can be managed in the “Preferred countries“ setting.

Entries can be moved up or down in order to set a priority.
Only the selected entries are considered.

Keyboard shortcuts

Various features can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts.
The respective keyboard shortcuts can be defined individually.
There are, however, keyboard shortcuts which can’t be used.
These include for example shortcuts used by Windows.


Result list tabs

Specific information in the result list can be displayed or hidden.
Additionally the order can be set accordingly.


Detail view tabs

Specific information in detail view can be displayed or hidden.
Additionally the order can be set accordingly.