EN:Detail View

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Detail view displays additional information for the selected patent.
There are 2 options to open detail view.



Detail view is linked by default to the specific result list.
The paper clip symbol shows that the detail view is linked to a result list.
By clicking on the symbol, detail view will be undocked from the result list and stay as an individual window.

The following information about the selected patent are displayed in detail view:
(provided this data is available)

All tabs within the detail view can be arranged individually.
The created layouts can be saved and reopened later.

Once the patent’s status ("not relevant", "OK") is set/ changed the following patent in the result list is automatically selected and displayed in detail view.
This way a result list can be processed step by step.

The patent number in detail view can be copied via right click.


In detail view, the respective IPC/CPC classes can be displayed including the class description.


The class can be copied via right click.