EN:Observation (Legal Status Monitoring)

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With the help of the observation, changes within selected, extended patent families can be monitored.
Here, changes in the legal status codes (events) and new documents are taken into account.

Every week, the observations are updated with the weekly database update.
The changes can be traced up to 6 months.

The observations can be managed using the web application (https://web.ip7.tech).


All observations are listed in the overview.
All observations can be filtered by date (added to the IP7 database).
This way, for example, only observations with current changes can be displayed.



It is possible to apply your own filters for the observations.
These filters can be managed using the menu item "Observations" – "Filters".

New filters can be created using the Plus-Icon.

It is possible to filter for countries and "Categories".
If no country is selected, there will not be a limitation to any specific country.
If no "Categories" are selected, there will not be a limitation to any specific "Category".
This way, for example, it is possible to filter for all "granted" events.

The filters always refer to the specific legal status codes/documents..
A filter for “dead” patents (lapsed code, lapsed) will show all family members containing these codes.
However, the patent family can still remain “granted”.

Set up observation


Observations can be created individually for any patent family (patent type).
It is also possible to monitor entire folders for changes (folder type).

When creating an observation, filters and E-Mail notifications can be applied.
The following options are available for E-Mail notifications:

  • No mail – no E-Mails will be sent
  • On change – E-Mails are sent, if changes are detected
  • Always – every week an E-Mail is sent

Using the list "Select users" you can select the users who will receive an E-Mail notification for the observation.
All selected users will then receive an E-Mail corresponding to the set E-Mail option and are able to view the observation in the web application.

When carrying out a "Patent Type"- observation the patent number of the corresponding patent family can be entered.
When carrying out a "Folder Type"- observation the corresponding folder can be selected.

Details of the observation


Once an observation is opened all details can be viewed.
The structure is always the same.
The first list shows the contents of the folder ("Patents of the folder").
Depending on which entry is selected, the respective list of the family members is displayed below ("Extended Family").
Below this list the documents of the selected application is displayed ("Documents of the selected applicant number").
In the list at the bottom the legal status codes of the selected application are displayed ("Legal Status codes of the selected application number").

The entries can also be filtered correspondingly.
Here you can also apply filters using created filters or the date (added to IP7 database).

If you are using a patent type observation, the first list ("Patents of the folder") will be missing, as only one family exists per patent type observation.