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Forward and backward citations of selected patents/entire results can be found using the citation search.
In addition, the bracket function in the search includes a Citation search.

More information regarding the selectable phases:


Cited patents – backward citations
Which patents are cited by the selected patent/result?

Citing patents – forward citations
Which patents are citing the selected patent/result?

Selected - Applications, Strict families, Extended families
Selection of the basis of the citations.

Level - 0 to 3 (here 0 means – not selected)
The option "Level" explained by the selected Level 2 in the screenshot.
The selected patent is cited by a patent which cites a patent citing the selected patent.

indirect citation


By using the option "indirect citation" you can find patents which also cite the citations of the selected patent/s.
Also, patents are found which are cited by the same patents which cite the selected patent.

Citation tree

Citations can also be displayed graphically.
Here, you can also select if the citations of the application or of the strict/extended family are displayed.


Legend, title or applicant can be shown or hidden.
Additionally, the citations can be filtered using multiple options (phases and status).


Right-click on a patent in the citation tree opens detail view or the respective citation tree.
Here the previously selected setting (application, strict/extended family) is considered.
This way it is possible to browse the different citations.