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When a patent is sold, the name of the applicant does not change.
Using the INPADOC legal status, these changes can be detected and are displayed in the field "Owner“. It is also possible to search for the “Owner”.

In the applicant search block the option "Owner" is available.

This way patents with the corresponding owner are found.
In these cases the applicant name remains unchanged.

The found owner is displayed in the legal status codes and in detail view.

Using the setting "Show owner instead of applicant“, the owner is displayed in the result list and in detail view.

When activating this setting, the owner is displayed.

When de-activating this setting, the applicant is displayed.

The owner can be used in the applicant grouping in the same manner as the applicant name.

As long as no information about the applicant is available in INPADOC, the "Owner" corresponds to the original applicant name.