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All searches performed in the past are saved in the "Search history".
The history items can be opened, linked with other history items or deleted.
It is possible to re-open the search criteria and also, to display the results of the previously performed search without having to run the search again.

Clicking on the Plus icon will show the amount of results of the selected history item.

Link history items

History items can be selected and linked with each other.
This way unions and intersections can be created.
There are 2 options to link history items:

Select the history items to be linked and click on the buttons "union" or "intersection".

Enter the item numbers in the lower text field.

The operators AND, OR, NOT and brackets can be used.


If a result list was filtered using the filter, the result is displayed accordingly.

The result of a text search (history ID: 281) is marked with a filter icon.
The entry 281 has been filtered and the result of this filter (282) is displayed below:

Search Report

Selected searches or search criteria can be exported as a text file via the history.
This way, a research report can be created.
The desired entries must be selected in the history, then the search report can be created by clicking on the Export button.