EN:Automatic Applicant Grouping

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IP7’s automatic applicant grouping groups applicant names with similar spellings which occur frequently in the same patent families.
The relation to the family is important so that different companies with similar names are not cumulated wrongly in the same group.
Example: Krohne and Krone
These 2 companies have very similar names but will not be cumulated in the same group due to the non-existing family relation.

Automatic applicant grouping can be used in the following segments:

Automatic grouping of applicant names supports the user in the search in order to quickly find all relevant company names.
It is also a handy feature when analysing results in order to receive meaningful results without having to create a manual applicant group in advance.

With every database update, the automatic applicant group is created again as new spellings can appear with every database update.
An automatic applicant group can therefore contain new spellings after every database update.