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For continuously running processes our Monitoring-Task is available.
This way tasks without a temporary end can be displayed.
(e.g. competitor monitoring, technology monitoring, etc.)

With the help of Ad hoc-tasks, you can easily create tasks for selected users.
These tasks are time-limited and are finished/ processed at some point.
When creating a task, evaluation criteria can be selected for the evaluation.
The creator of the tasks can select patents, which should be processed in the task.

The users chosen for the task can instantly see the assigned task to be processed in their Dashboard.
As soon as the users have processed all patents in the task, the task will disappear from their Dashboard.

The creator of the task can subsequently check the processed patents.



In the Dashboard in the menu item "Created ad hoc tasks", Ad-hoc tasks can be created or edited.
Here, the basis (Search type) of the task can be selected.
If, for example, "Strict families" is selected, entire strict families will be processed in the task. This basis will also be selected as the standard for the search.

Previously created evaluation criteria can be used for the task. The evaluation criteria will have to be frei geschalten for the Ad-hoc task.
Additionally, a priority and respective users can be selected for the task.



The creator of an Ad-hoc task can assign the desired patents to the task.
Regardless of the way the IP7 Compass is used (search project, monitoring task, Ad-hoc task), the creator can always add patents to their tasks.
In the menu item "Management" - "Tasks", the assignment is managed.
The desired patent is selected and assigned to the task by checking the box.



Users who were assigned to a task are able to see the task in their Dashboard.
The „new“ patents/ patents „tob e processed“ can be opened directly. The patents are processed in the same manner as in a search project or a monitoring task.